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Fleet Manager France

Fleet Manager France

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Avec un service complet de location, de vente et de maintenance de wagons de fret, nous nous adaptons avec précision aux besoins de nos clients. Notre filiale TOUAX Rail est reconnue pour son expertise et sa maîtrise de la maintenance et de la sécurité ferroviaire et permet d’optimiser les chaines logistiques de nos clients, opérateurs ferroviaires et groupes industriels.

The Rail Fleet Management team in Hamburg is looking for his/her new...





Fleet Managers are responsible for a dedicated fleet of wagons and its related Lessee(s).

His mission is to ensure customer satisfaction while maximizing the income (rentals minus costs) generated with this fleet.

This task must be achieved within the ECM regulation (the safety rules).

Reactivity and communication are the main characteristics of this position.



Customer relationship

  • To establish a good cooperation with customer by regular direct and indirect communication about wagons rentals, maintenance program, follow up of immobilisation, treatment of claims and cost rebilling.

  • To ensure that the rental contract with the customer is correctly implemented as per contract conditions:

    • delivery of wagons,

    • organization of the preventive maintenance and repairs

    • follow up of repairs and edition of KPI

    • preparation of arguments from availability reports (number of days down-time during the period/contract, monthly, quarterly and annual states),

    • receipt and processing of customer claims,

    • return of wagons

  • To instruct invoicing of repair and transport costs to accountancy

  • To check proformas and validate documents before transmission

  • To issue claim files and re-invoice rail companies

Workshop relationship

  • Manage the realization of the maintenance with the maintenance suppliers :

  • Establish all the necessary technical instructions to the workshops,

  • Provide (directly or with the help of the Technical Department) technical support to workshops,

  • Approve estimates and invoices,

  • Validate the revision dates of wagons and wheelsets,

  • Identify spare parts needs and process the requests on the system,

  • Process exit documentation,

  • Ensure the recording and traceability of maintenance,

  • Release the wagon to service,

  • Make workshops fulfil their requirements (downtimes, quality claims, documentation),

  • Alert by opening an Incident Report in the event of an anomaly,

  • Alert and involve the Technical Department in case of critical events,


Skills and experience required

Minimum 5 years’ experience in fleet management for transport companies (Trucks, Containers, etc.)


General skills

  • Organized, accurate and meticulous

  • Good contact with workshops and customers

  • Team worker

  • English and other languages


Technical skills

  • General mechanics

  • Previous experience in Rail industry would be a plus but not mandatory