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2024 Calendar




 21 March

  2023 Annual Results

  SFAF Presentation

From 21/02/2024 to 21/03/2024 inclusive

 22 March

  Conference call to present annual results


 15 May

  Revenue from activities 1st quarter 2024

From 30/04/2024 to 15/05/2024 inclusive

 12 June

  Annual Shareholder’s General Meeting


 18 September

  2024 Interim Results

  SFAF Presentation

From 18/08/2024 to 18/09/2024 inclusive

 19 September

  Conference call to present interim results 


 14 November

  Revenue from activities 3rd quarter 2024

From 30/10/2024 to 14/11/2024 inclusive

 “Negative windows" are periods during which it is forbidden totrade in the Company's shares.

These negative windows, applicable to executives, persons assimilated to executives, insiders and all persons with regular or occasional access to inside information, have been determined in accordance with AMF position-recommendation N°2016- 08 of October 26, 2016, i.e. :

  • At least 30 calendar days before publication of annual and interim results,
  • 15 calendar days minimum before publication of quarterly financial information.

The obligation to abstain applies in all cases where the persons concerned are in possession of inside information that has not been made public.

The negative window opens on the date on which the issuer becomes aware of the insider information, and closes the day after the press release announcing it is issued to the public.

The possession of privileged information imposes obligations of abstention. It is therefore forbidden to:

  • communicate this information to a person outside the normal course of his or her work, profession or duties, or for purposes other than those for which it was communicated;
  • recommending that another person acquire or sell securities, or having another person acquire or sell securities;
  • use this information in acquiring, disposing of, attempting to acquire or dispose of the financial instruments to which this information relates.

Failure to comply with any of these obligations may result in a severe financial penalty, decided by the AMF Enforcement Committee.

In addition, such actions may constitute insider trading, which is punishable by law.