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Ethic & Anticorruption


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Since 2015, TOUAX has chosen to refer to the rules of governance recommended by the Middlenext Governance Code for Small and Midcaps.
The Middlenext Code contains points of vigilance to the Supervisory Board to promote the sound workings of an active and embodied governance to give the Company the means to be effective and competitive thanks to clear and sustainable principles.
It stresses the importance of exemplary duty that should guide shareholders, board members and managers.
The Company has adopted ethics guidelines inspired by the Middlenext anti-corruption Code of conduct, which refers to the United Nations Convention against corruption and focused on combating all forms of corruption.
This chart is one of the pillar of the Company's internal regulations and it has been spread to all employees, in France as well as abroad.
It includes several preventive chapters (gifts and invitations, corruption, conflict of interest...) and gives recommendations about the ethical behaviour to adopt in these situations.

You can find the integral version of this chart by clicking here.